Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I know that it is finally springtime in Indiana because people have stopped moaning about the snow and started complaining about the rain.

In fairness, it has been pretty soggy, but, April Showers=May Flowers, right? And, I am spoiled now that I am working 12 hours a week. When the sun has popped its head out for intermittent hours here and there, and I've been able to catch it. Violet and I dash out the door when the light starts to stream in the window. We take a rag to wipe off the swing, carry out a bag full of chalk to decorate the sidewalks, and wear Hello Kitty rain boots to stomp the wet off the puddles. You'd be surprised how much spring you can fit into a two hour break in the clouds!

Violet has changed so much since November when we had to head in for the winter. She now can peddle her tricycle on her own fairly well and, more importantly, turn it to avoid oncoming cars and ditches. She is beginning to understand the rules of outdoor games like tag, too. She loves digging for worms, and proudly carries around her "wormy c'llection" whenever we do yard work. Violet has been helping quite a bit in the garden, not just finding worms but also watering the broccoli and pepper seedlings she planted in yogurt cups whenever they need a drink. I hope they produce something edible in a few months, because she is expecting big things from those little guys!