Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Add Water

Though I am not a very religious person, I do believe that summer is a gift from beyond and to waste it is a sin. So, we've been swimming. A lot.

After a cool and rainy spring, summer roared in with 90 degree temps during the first week of June and our threesome (Daddy's on summer break--YAY!) rose to the challenge of staying cool. We've hit IndyPark spraygrounds, city pools, sprinkler parks, friend's backyard pools, and filled our own inflatable kiddie-pool more than once.

In fact, we have been so diligent about cooling off using whatever means neccessary, Violet can barely see a hose without stripping. Seriously, Shawn and I have turned our backs on her for .2 seconds and found her naked as a jaybird turning the spicket. I am delighted that she isn't afflicted with body consciousness yet, but a bit concerned that our neighbors might be put off by our clear lack of modesty.

The temperatures cooled off this week and we have been enjoying the kind of sun-drenched, humidity-free days that lead people to southern California. What did the Beach Boys say about the Midwest farmer's daughters?

Violet is even taking her first big-kid, i.e. not in a parent's arms, swim lessons. The class runs 8 sessions, M-Th, and is a BIG DEAL for our shy Violet. Since she hasn't been in any kind of daycare setting, this is little V's first experience going with an instructor and class without a primary caregiver. She did swimmingly the first day, cried on the second day (photos below), refused to go in on the third day, and has rocked it every day since. We have two more sessions and I am actually considering enrolling her for another 8. She is such a surprise to me!