Wednesday, September 26, 2012

From the Beginning

Hard to believe that in a matter of weeks, we are going to be starting from scratch with a brand new tiny human being.  A little over a month away from my due date and I am still intermittantly shocked that this is going to happen.  Multiple children have always been a part of the plan for me and Shawn, but the time it took to get this new one to come aboard is still in the forefront of my mind.  I didn't ever really believe that we wouldn't have a second child, but I still have moments when I forget that we are on the brink of meeting that second.  This pregnancy has been ticking by quickly and despite my best efforts to savor it, I still don't think I've done enough.

 Since this might be our last baby--the jury is still out on that decision, but I realize now that it may not be ours to make--I am trying not to get distracted by the shortness of breath or the sore back that has crept up on me.  Instead, I want to focus on the wonderful feeling of togetherness being pregnant provides.  I want to remember the way it feels to have a baby come to life, rolling and dancing around in my belly, when I lay down at night.  I want to always be able to revisit the feeling of anticipation that is alive in our house.   From Shawn's extra hugs and flower deliveries to Violet's snuggly, face-buried-in-belly hugs "for the baby," we are all aware that this is an unprecedented time for our family.  It has just been us 3 Pierces for quite awhile, forever as far as Violet is concerned, it is fun to wonder how the fourth will fit in.