Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Meeting Violet

Where did these first two weeks go? I won't even try to act like we are anywhere near having a routine, but I have already almost forgotten what it was like to be without Violet. My c-section incision hasn't even healed yet, but she has already become such an important part of our lives. She is still meeting our family and friends and they are all pretty much in agreement that she is absolutely perfect. Now that I can drive again, she has even started to accompany me on trips to Target and Habig Garden Store. My Mom and I love to take her out as it is so clear that people have baby-envy when they see her. And who wouldn't?? She is pretty darn cute! The following pictures are of her last week of adventures. They are crummy because they all come from my camera. If I can ever get Shawn to upload his, we'll have some great pictures to show off!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It Takes a Village

Or, if not a village, at least 3 people, to take care of a newborn baby. Shawn went back to work on Monday and my Mom started pulling 9 hour shifts at my house so I wouldn't be alone with Violet. What would I do without my Mom??? Don't get me wrong, I am totally appreciative of what Shawn does too, but he is 1/2 responsible for creating little Violet so I feel he has a bit more of an obligation to care for her. He and I are 50/50 partners in this deal; we agreed on that when we got married.

Mom, on the other hand, doesn't have to be here. But she has been, everyday, doing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, except for nursing Violet. She does laundry, she changes diapers, she soothes the babe when she's fussy, she feeds the dog, she does the dishes, she pretty much makes sure that the rest of my household still runs as usual despite the fact that I spend about 75% of my day sitting in a rocking chair trying to coax a baby to nurse.

So, when I woke up this morning, and left the baby sleeping next to her Daddy, I wrapped a robe around myself, went and started a pot of coffee and realized with amazement, that, thank God, I am a lot like my Mom. (I think it was the robe and coffee that got me thinking about our similarities, as these are and long have been standard elements of Mom's mornings.) There were years in the past when I prayed that I would never turn into my Mom. Thank God for unanswered prayers, like Garth said.

So many things that make up who I am would be missing without Mom's influence. I, like she, would do anything for my baby. I'm opinionated like Mom and hopefully will grow to be as generous as she is. We can talk for hours and laugh together like hyenas. Our physical similarities are often commented on by strangers and what a beautiful template I got! Having recently lost both my Dad and my Granny, I realize now how substantial my relationship with my Mom is to me. Both Violet and I would be lost without her.

Thanks to Mom, I actually have taken and uploaded some pictures from Days 5-9. For more, check out the link to Flickr:http://www.flickr.com/photos/63176744@N00/?saved=1

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Getting to know you...

Wow. We've been at home for 3 days and I have no idea who this critter is! It doesn't help that she was pretty much comatose for about 24 hours of our time together for unknown reasons. She lost "a significant amount of her body weight" since birth according to our doctor (about 13%, dropping from 7lb. 13oz. to 6lb. 12oz. on Friday. This weight loss is one possible reason for her sleepy ways. The doc recommended that I "supplement her" over the weekend to try to reverse or at least stop the weight loss. If you read my earlier post regarding La Leche League, you'll know that being unable to breast feed for some reason was one of my biggest fears concerning these newborn weeks. With the help of an extremely supportive husband, a Mom who believes as much in my plight as anyone, and a lactation consultant willing to sneak a digital scale to my house at 11:00pm on a Friday night to monitor Vi's weight, I think we're now on an upswing with her weight. Terri (the lactation consultant), showed Shawn and me how to supplement her using my breast milk and a siphon and even though we had to do a couple bottles during her "baby coma" yesterday, I think we're back on track now with nursing. I just knocked on wood. Anyway, I could go on and on about the feeding issues, Violet's lethargy (a possible side effect of the Percoset prescribed to me in the hospital!), and the feeling of worry that has gripped both of us from moment to moment, but, instead, I'll post some pictures of some of our good times over the last few days. There actually have been a ton of those, too, and lots of "How did we get so lucky?" conversations for me and Shawn. How did we get so lucky???

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Welcome Violet Barbara Pierce!!!

After a 15 hour labor and an unplanned c-section, we are thrilled to announce that Violet Barbara Pierce has joined us in the world! She was 7 lbs 13 oz, 20 inches long and absolutely beautiful!!! We are in love and will post more when we get the chance. We're all back at home today and getting used to life as a little family!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day: The Eleventh Hour

We got a call on Friday that a birthing room had opened up for an induction on Sunday. Shawn and I spent Saturday evening doing our "last" everything--dinner out, night in the house, etc...--without a baby. I tried to rest and relax as best as I could all day today in preparation to be induced at 7pm this evening--Mother's Day. Everyone rearranged their Mother's Day plans to accommodate us. But, I was not meant to be a Mother Today, apparently. My phone rang around 3 pm and it was a nurse from Labor and Delivery--no induction tonight. Their hands are full with 9 other laboring Mommas this evening so they didn't want to add a 10th if it wasn't necessary. We'll go in tomorrow at 7 am to get this ball rolling. So we had a nice Mother's Day dinner with the fam (hosted by my brother Jeff, see pics) tonight and Shawn and I get 1 more night in our own bed. We'll get down to business first thing Monday morning...This must be how prisoners feel when they get a stay of execution! Dead Mom Walking! Ok, that might be a bit dramatic, but how nerve wracking these last few days have been. I just can't wait to hold my baby and have all the unknowns answered.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

No Room at the Inn

3 days shy of 40 weeks and Felicia is making no plans to leave. At my doctor's appointment today, I found that I still haven't even crossed the starting line for labor. I am barely 1cm dilated and not effaced at all. Fortunately, I have a wonderful doctor who believes that being pregnant past your due date is cruel and unusual punishment. She asked me as soon as she walked in the examining room how much longer I wanted to be pregnant. Shawn and I told her that we're as ready as we'll ever be and open to taking any medical steps that might bring Baby Pierce to us sooner rather than later. Dr. Lane said that she would like to induce labor on Sunday evening and shoot for a Monday delivery. Shawn's face lit up (I'm sure mine did, too) and we happily agreed. Felicia will be born on Monday, her due date, we thought, and we were beaming as I got dressed and walked out to the scheduling desk to get more details.
Apparently, the powers that be think that would be a little too tidy and convenient. As it turns out, Indianapolis in general and my hospital in particular is in the middle of a miniature baby boom. There is not a room to be had in the maternity ward this Monday, and actually, nothing opening up for an induction until next Thursday! When compared to the 21 days past her due date my mom went with my brother Jeff, 3 days doesn't seem so terrible. But, as I sit here big as a baby elephant, I can't help but think how much closer Monday seems than Thursday. Ridiculous! Of course, good old nature could still take its course and get things rolling even sooner...Here's hoping!