Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fair Time

Say what you want about how hillbilly Indiana is, the one time it is good to live in a hillbilly state is when it is time for your state fair. The Indiana State Fair is probably one of the top 2 state fairs (I hear Iowa's is pretty awesome) in the country and it really is worth a trip. For those of you who live in cool states, (you know if you live in a cool state if your state is worth visiting year round because there is always something to do, be it hike, swim, shop, eat, view art, go to museums, etc.) this is the one time a year you should be jealous of us Hoosiers. Because we are milking goats and eating deep fried oreos. We use hand sanitizer between the two activities.

Shawn and I took Violet over to the Fairgrounds tonight and met my Mom for dinner. We strolled though the crowds on what might have been the nicest evening of the summer and took in all the manurey goodness that the fair offers. We drank lemon shake-ups while we watched horses and ponies riding in the practice arena.

We looked at the beautiful cows that the 4-H kids from all over the state have been caring for so diligently. Violet got to pet a freshly shorn sheep. For a few hours tonight, we felt really proud of our state. It is hard to see all the livestock and the kids who are learning the art of farming and not get a little Charlotte's Web about it. It's hard to overlook the pride on the parent's faces as they watch their kids learning about agriculture and competition and not feel a little pride for them. I dare you to watch the looks on the city kid's faces the first time they see "The World's Largest Sow" and all her little piglets and not be a little bit amused.

Violet had a great time wiggling to the beat of the band and eating ice cream and learning a little about being born a Hoosier.

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