Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Law of Halves

Today was Violet's half birthday. She's been around the sun 547 (or 548, my math is very loose, mkay?) times. So in honor of reaching the mid-point of her second year on ye old planet Earf, here are some halves in the Pierce family these days...

My showers are approximately 1/2 as long as they used to be. It is hard to take a 12 minute shower when a tiny person occasionally walks in, flings the sliding shower door open, and throws in a whole roll of toilet paper.

On the topic of toilet paper, only 1/2 of the rolls we buy ever actually make it to any one's bum. The other 1/2 of the shit tickets are routinely unravelled and dipped in the toilet or thrown in the bathtub.

1/2 of the days I used to go to work I now stay home with my Violet. That's a happy 1/2!

Each night, Violet spends about 1/2 of her sleeping time in her own bed. The other 1/2? You guessed it, tucked snugly in between Mommy and Daddy. Who wants to sleep alone, after all?

Only 1/2 of what Vi can say today was a part of her vocabulary last week and the new words are coming all the time. Some new favorites include bubble, rainbow, Grammy, Jack, Charlie, Brrrr (in Indiana, it's a word), cheese, truck, ball, backpack, and blueberry. Most of it is still in Violetese so if you're not around her frequently, the words are hard to make out. I guarantee she says all of them, though.

We can make it through 1/2 of the grocery store aisles before she has to have a snack. Usually that is close to the Goldfish aisle so it works out well. She used to get impatient and want a sample when we were still in produce which led to some bites taken out of banana peels and heads of iceberg. Those were harder to explain to the cashiers.

It takes about 1/2 hour for Violet to warm up when meeting new people. Mainly she looks down to avoid eye contact and clings to my leg or neck until the stranger has proven themselves to her. I hope she gets over her fear of people. I was painfully shy as a child and it really was a drag.

My life had 1/2 the significance, 1/2 the purpose, and 1/2 the love before Violet came along. The world was missing a really awesome person 1 and 1/2 years ago. I'm glad we added her when we did. We made a really neat kid.

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Aly said...

love that little girl! Happy 18 months Vi! I love that she says truck, though it doesn't surprise me that she says Jack. It seems to be one of Charlie's favorite words too.

I'm laughing at the toilet paper being tossed into the shower. Usually for me it's my clothes that are sitting nearby. :)