Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two Years of Violet

Tomorrow we celebrate two years of Violet.

They have certainly been two years sweeter than any others I've known.


Babs said...

Goodness! How fun that was. Happy birthday Violet!!


Aly said...

The most beautiful little girl I know!! Charlie had a lot of fun naming everyone in each picture. I love seeing so many of the 3 kids together. It is the best reason in the world to move close to family!

happy birthday Vi-Vi!

Fernando Teixeira said...

Olá Caros amigos.
Parabens a todos vós. Por acaso vim ter ao vosso blogue e li que a penso ser a vossa filha, amanhã faz anos a Violeta.
Se for, parabens e felicidade para todos.
Saudações Fernando Teixeira/Portugal