Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Woman Baby

After two quick months together, Violet has decided she wants to be in a monogamous relationship with me. Seeing other people just isn't all it's cracked up to be and this is one baby who wants nothing to do with anyone but her mother. Her Daddy, her Grammy, a perfect stranger, it matters not; Violet's reaction when I hand her over is the same. It's a scream.

I thought babies didn't get clingy until they were older. Hell, until just a couple weeks ago I don't even think her vision was good enough to see who was holding her. But she certainly can distinguish differences now. She's so cute, everyone wants to hold her. So I tentatively hand her over with a warning and then apologize when she shrieks 30-45 seconds later. And it isn't that I wouldn't love it if she'd go to other people, especially Shawn. Showering, cooking, exercising, these are things that I have to squeeze in during her unpredictable naps during this last week. I read on the Dr. Sears site,, that putting a baby in a sling and wearing them for at least 3 hours a day is one of the most surefire ways to decrease crying and soothe a fussy baby. So we're giving it a whirl. Shawn is even taken a turn wearing it. It may help him when we're at home but I'll probably need one that's a bit more manly if I hope to get him to slingin' it in public. My sling is reversible but you can't totally hide the floral side.

In the meantime, Vi got to go to her very first Indianapolis Indians game on Thursday. She was her normal Mommy-lovin' self, but we all had a great time sitting in the lawn and enjoying a picnic on what was definitely one of the most beautiful nights of the summer. Pat joined the party as did Nate, Beth, and a very smiley baby Riley. What a cutie!!


Babs said...

Violet isn't clingy. She's in love! You were the same way, and so was Andy, and so was Jeff. Babies realize very quickly where all those warm, fuzzy feelings come from. Who can blame them for feeling most secure when they know that human safety net (who happens to adore them too) is right there? And who can fault Violet for letting the rest of us know that she's going steady right now, and not at all interested in foolin around!?
Once she's certain you'll always be there for her, she'll be able to turn and embrace the rest of the world.
Rest assured, Mom, you've done all the right stuff. The proof is in your arms right now!

Aly said...

The sling looks fantastic Shawn!

Jen said...

Sweet tank, Dude.