Sunday, July 6, 2008

Red, White, and Violet

Violet's very first 4th of July was not quite as festive as I would have liked. Although we did deck her out in her patriotic onesie, we didn't get to see any fireworks or go to any cookouts.

One of my old friends from Chatard, Matt, died unexpectedly (isn't it always unexpected when you're 30?), so we went to the viewing in the afternoon and then got together at the Craft's afterward. Violet did get to see her friend Ana, Buffy and Tim's 9 month old daughter.

I went to the funeral yesterday without Violet and couldn't help but feel terrible for Matt's mother. The priest talked about how children are a gift to us from God and He can call them back at any time. What a sad thought! I came home and snuggled Violet for the rest of the day. I just can't imagine the terrible pain a parent who loses a child must experience. I hope that is something I'll never know firsthand.


Aly said...

I'm so sorry Jill. What a sad way to spend the holiday/weekend. Losing a father is hard enough. I just can't imagine saying goodbye to your child.
I hope that kind of loss is something we never know.

Next year we'll celebrate the holiday with a big cookout, complete w/ sparklers and fire-crackers. :)

jeff said...

It's too bad that Matt died. Sometimes all of the people dying combined with the wonderful news every evening is enough to make you really worry and have concern for the "world we're leaving you guys."

Babs said...

Becoming a mother truly changes the way one sees the world. Regardless of how much we may sympathize with them, there is no true empathy until, as they say, we have walked a mile in their shoes. I'm so sorry for Matt's death, and for his struggle. I hope we have all learned from what he endured, and can make small changes for others we love in his memory.