Friday, March 26, 2010


Violet has begun practicing the most human of all connections; friendship. I don't know when I thought children started flexing their friendship muscle, but at 22 months, Violet is entering BFF territory with Ruby, her weekly playmate.

Jack and Charlie, Vi's cousins, laid the groundwork for her first friend not within her bloodline. At 4, Jack is more idol than companion, and Charlie's "All Boy All The Time" attitude makes Violet seem a bit boring. The cousin closeness definitely can't be duplicated but the girlfriendiness that Violet and Ruby are developing is too precious.

Maybe it was all the time that Felicia (aka: Violet) spent in utero with Ruby that has led them to be such fast friends. Carrie and I shared an 8x12 office while we were simultaneously pregnant with our daughters. Maybe all those post-nacho lunch kicks and hiccups that had our bellies gyrating were actually Morse Code intended for the other fetus in the office. Or maybe the girls just sense how well their moms get along and figure they might as well learn to love each other, cause they know they'll be seeing a lot of each other in the next 18+ years. Most likely, though, Ruby and Violet are both rockin' 1.5 year old ladies and they know a good time when they see one. And when they lay eyes on each other? You guessed it; good times all around.

Violet has taken to asking for Ruby at all hours. At dinner, she will randomly turn to the empty booster Ruby sits in when she visits and ask, "BooBee? " Car trips are not complete with out a litany of BooBee requests. But when Violet let out a low moan in the middle of the night last week, "Booooo-Beeeeee," I knew it was more than stream of consciousness, toddler babble.

And to see these two in action together is as cute as a clothes hamper full of kittens and puppies. Carrie and I take turns watching the girls for one another and both of us have been almost accosted by onlookers when we attempt to run errands. I mean, one at a time, they are both stunningly cute babies, but together? SHUT UP. STOP IT. PUKE. That's how cute it is.

They laugh at private jokes. They hold hands. They feed each other. They squeal and coo with delight. They nap side by side. Name a charming baby behavior and these girls have it in spades.

I don't pretend to know what the future holds for the Violet/Ruby friendship. I know little kids have lots of playmates at different stages in their lives that morph and change and lose their spark as they grow. But I also have heard all about kids who sat across from each other in diapers and went on to be roommates in college. Of course, either way (or anything in between) would be great with me. Carrie was in my wedding, her family is precious to me and I know our lives will always intersect. But, wouldn't this blog post make a great segue into a maid of honor toast someday?


Babs said...

That's such a good post!

Aly said...

They are the most precious little girls I know! I love that Violet's best friend is such a sweet, loving little girl. And who knows, they could one day be commenting on the friendship of their own children. :)