Sunday, March 7, 2010

Even Oxi Has A Threshold

Pitty. Violet loves pitty things right now.

Her pajama pants are "pitty." They must be worn over every outfit.

Our stained glass lamp is "pitty." It is worth climbing a precarious stack of boxes to fondle.

Scout's bandanna from the groomer is "pitty." Yanking a 14 year old, biting dog around by the neck is never a great idea.

The nail polish I bought at the grocery is "pitty," both in the bottle and on my toes. And now, it is also pitty on Vi's toes. I felt a little Jonbenet doing it, but Violet sat as still as a statue to have her nails polished.

.4 seconds after they were done, she knocked the bottle of hot pink polish onto the living room rug.

Hot pink is not so pitty on the rug unfortunately, but, I think it is there for eternity. Oxiclean was no match for the polish and even acetone couldn't fade it.

Good thing Violet is so damn pitty!!


Babs said...

After daddy died, Mama used his insurance money to buy us a house (eventually). I was 9. I remember the wall-to-wall was striped! This was idea what it was made of, but the stripes were mauve, beige, and blue, and pretty and new. I spilled nail polish on it, and it never came out. I felt so bad for my mom. As long as she had the five of us, she never really had anything "pitty." And she was alone.
Can you turn the rug so the spot is under the couch? Violet will be little for quite a while. Maybe when she's 9, you can get a new one!

Aly said...

My mom used to have a big fancy dresser in her bedroom, the kind with a mirror attached. It's where she kept jewelry, make-up & assorted buttons & bobby-pins. I loved standing in front of it, pretending to be a grown up. Of course, I spilled nail polish on it & thought it would be a good idea to use nail polish remover on the furniture. Imagine my surprise when the furniture polish & finish came off!

Those things are a rite of passage for every girl. Now you'll always remember the first time.