Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Farts

Everything about Violet is delicate. Her hands are tiny with long, slender, fingers. Her nose would look at home on a doll. Her teeny-weeny feet are too small for all the baby shoes she's gotten as gifts. Her ears look like perfect, soft, little dollops of cartilage on the side of her head; like what a student asked to sculpt a miniature ear out of clay might make in art class.

So when she farts like a linebacker, everyone in the room is taken aback. Sometimes the farts are accompanied by actual poo, sometimes they fly solo, but it doesn't seem to matter which variety they are, those suckers are LOUD! After a month of hearing them, Shawn and I still aren't used to it. If he's holding her while she lets one, I still ask--"Was that you?" He does the same. It's just impossible to believe that such a dainty little thing can make such loud farts. You would think with an anus so small, the sound would be more high pitched, if not quieter. But, no, when she lets one go it could just as easily be my 200+ lb. brother as my 8 lb. daughter.

So, when someone asks me, "What has the biggest surprise of motherhood been?"--my answer would have to be baby farts.
For more pictures of the girly little thing,


Babs said...

She's just such a gift, honey! Love the picture.

Aly said...

The title of your entry along w/ that sweet little picture have me rolling! Amazing how flatulent they can be right from the start!

Just wait until they are not only able to make such loud farts... but also able to comment on each one by saying "ewww, poo-poo!".

And they don't stop at announcing their own toots, they'll tell the entire room when you've snuck one by as well. :)

Martha said...

That "baby farts" blog is absolutely HILARIOUS! Your Uncle Robert and I laughed til our sides ached!

Aubs said...

I just burst out laughing at my desk at work. Hilarious!