Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Humanlike Critter

I'm starting to see how the myth that storks bring babies has stuck around so long. I'm sure it was created to get out of awkward sex talks with children, but the stork dropping a little cooing bundle off is actually about as believable to me as how Violet really got here. It also would be of comfort to new parents who were at a loss for what to do with a squawking newborn. "How should I know what she wants, Honey? The stork didn't leave any instructions with her..."

I'm wondering now if the nine month prep period alone should have been sufficient for us to be ready. I also wonder if moms who deliver their newborns vaginally have the same eerie sensation of just having a new creature suddenly living in their homes. Somehow, it seems like I missed the transition from pregnant lady to mommy. The whole hospital stay was such a blur and the c-section itself was like a dream so sometimes I feel like Violet just appeared.

Don't get me wrong, it's a very happy appearance! She is as cute as she could be. She is so cute, in fact, that she only seems partially human. It is like she is some sort of combination of all of the cuddliest things you could think of--puppies, monkeys, babies--all rolled into a soft, snugly ball! I just have trouble believing that, if Shawn and I perform our duties correctly, she will end up as a 100+ lb. human being someday. Inconceivable!! Clearly, we all start out adorable (way to go Mother Nature, she's definitely ensured the next generation has a fighting chance at being cared for just by making infants damn near irresistible), but then we just grow up. And while some of us remain attractive, no one gets to hold on to that other-worldly baby-cute. They truly seem like another species all together.


Aubs said...

That's an adorable little coolie right there!

Babs said...

You know what occurred to me when reading your blog and then seeing that precious itsy bitsy butt? It occurred to me that perhaps some day those same teeny tiny hips may also house her own offspring! Now, ponder THAT one!
It's almost overwhelming, isn't it?