Thursday, June 26, 2008

Routine Schmoutine

For some reason, I had it in my head that 6 weeks would be some kind of a magic time, a time when I could start counting on Violet to have somewhat of a routine. I'd be able to schedule my days around her needs:
"Sure, I'd love to meet you for lunch, but we'll have to schedule it before the baby's afternoon nap. If she's not resting by two o'clock, forget it!"
Not quite the case just yet...Instead, I accept no invitations completely instead relying on a soft commitment--"We'll try...Don't count on us."
The only thing I know for certain is that she'll want to nurse when she wakes up; be that at 5 am or 9 am, I couldn't tell you. She often falls asleep while nursing, but not always. Sometimes she sleeps in the car; sometimes the car seat makes her scream. The swing seems to have a hypnotic effect on Violet lulling her into a deep, long nap--except when it doesn't. She nurses somewhere between 6 and 60 times a day at no set time for no set length. We've gone out to dinner and had her sleep soundly in her car seat from appetizers through dessert. Last night we each ate alone while the other walked Miss Thing through the parking lot outside of Puccini's.

So, when Shawn asks me--should we go to Lowe's now, or do you want to feed her first?" his guess is as good as mine. I guess since I spend all my time with Violet, it is a safe assumption that I somehow know best what to do for her. Not quite. I am hoping that time comes soon, though, but now I have to go give her her pacifier which she loves. Except when she hates it.

***The lovely pictures were taken by Shawn's friend and coworker Kevin Conners. He put up with a very crabby Violet during the photo shoot. Check out his work at

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Aly said...

It'll fall into place, I promise. With Jack there are still days where he hates the very thing he adored the day before, but it gets easier as you go. Maybe it's more them training us, who knows. :)

More so than any set age, 12 pounds seemed to be a turning point for us. Once he reached that weight, Jack slept longer and a natural routine started to evolve.