Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Meeting Violet

Where did these first two weeks go? I won't even try to act like we are anywhere near having a routine, but I have already almost forgotten what it was like to be without Violet. My c-section incision hasn't even healed yet, but she has already become such an important part of our lives. She is still meeting our family and friends and they are all pretty much in agreement that she is absolutely perfect. Now that I can drive again, she has even started to accompany me on trips to Target and Habig Garden Store. My Mom and I love to take her out as it is so clear that people have baby-envy when they see her. And who wouldn't?? She is pretty darn cute! The following pictures are of her last week of adventures. They are crummy because they all come from my camera. If I can ever get Shawn to upload his, we'll have some great pictures to show off!

1 comment:

Aly said...

I miss her already!!!
No doubt in my mind she gives others baby envy. She is a gorgeous little girl!