Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day: The Eleventh Hour

We got a call on Friday that a birthing room had opened up for an induction on Sunday. Shawn and I spent Saturday evening doing our "last" everything--dinner out, night in the house, etc...--without a baby. I tried to rest and relax as best as I could all day today in preparation to be induced at 7pm this evening--Mother's Day. Everyone rearranged their Mother's Day plans to accommodate us. But, I was not meant to be a Mother Today, apparently. My phone rang around 3 pm and it was a nurse from Labor and Delivery--no induction tonight. Their hands are full with 9 other laboring Mommas this evening so they didn't want to add a 10th if it wasn't necessary. We'll go in tomorrow at 7 am to get this ball rolling. So we had a nice Mother's Day dinner with the fam (hosted by my brother Jeff, see pics) tonight and Shawn and I get 1 more night in our own bed. We'll get down to business first thing Monday morning...This must be how prisoners feel when they get a stay of execution! Dead Mom Walking! Ok, that might be a bit dramatic, but how nerve wracking these last few days have been. I just can't wait to hold my baby and have all the unknowns answered.

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