Thursday, May 8, 2008

No Room at the Inn

3 days shy of 40 weeks and Felicia is making no plans to leave. At my doctor's appointment today, I found that I still haven't even crossed the starting line for labor. I am barely 1cm dilated and not effaced at all. Fortunately, I have a wonderful doctor who believes that being pregnant past your due date is cruel and unusual punishment. She asked me as soon as she walked in the examining room how much longer I wanted to be pregnant. Shawn and I told her that we're as ready as we'll ever be and open to taking any medical steps that might bring Baby Pierce to us sooner rather than later. Dr. Lane said that she would like to induce labor on Sunday evening and shoot for a Monday delivery. Shawn's face lit up (I'm sure mine did, too) and we happily agreed. Felicia will be born on Monday, her due date, we thought, and we were beaming as I got dressed and walked out to the scheduling desk to get more details.
Apparently, the powers that be think that would be a little too tidy and convenient. As it turns out, Indianapolis in general and my hospital in particular is in the middle of a miniature baby boom. There is not a room to be had in the maternity ward this Monday, and actually, nothing opening up for an induction until next Thursday! When compared to the 21 days past her due date my mom went with my brother Jeff, 3 days doesn't seem so terrible. But, as I sit here big as a baby elephant, I can't help but think how much closer Monday seems than Thursday. Ridiculous! Of course, good old nature could still take its course and get things rolling even sooner...Here's hoping!

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