Sunday, May 18, 2008

Getting to know you...

Wow. We've been at home for 3 days and I have no idea who this critter is! It doesn't help that she was pretty much comatose for about 24 hours of our time together for unknown reasons. She lost "a significant amount of her body weight" since birth according to our doctor (about 13%, dropping from 7lb. 13oz. to 6lb. 12oz. on Friday. This weight loss is one possible reason for her sleepy ways. The doc recommended that I "supplement her" over the weekend to try to reverse or at least stop the weight loss. If you read my earlier post regarding La Leche League, you'll know that being unable to breast feed for some reason was one of my biggest fears concerning these newborn weeks. With the help of an extremely supportive husband, a Mom who believes as much in my plight as anyone, and a lactation consultant willing to sneak a digital scale to my house at 11:00pm on a Friday night to monitor Vi's weight, I think we're now on an upswing with her weight. Terri (the lactation consultant), showed Shawn and me how to supplement her using my breast milk and a siphon and even though we had to do a couple bottles during her "baby coma" yesterday, I think we're back on track now with nursing. I just knocked on wood. Anyway, I could go on and on about the feeding issues, Violet's lethargy (a possible side effect of the Percoset prescribed to me in the hospital!), and the feeling of worry that has gripped both of us from moment to moment, but, instead, I'll post some pictures of some of our good times over the last few days. There actually have been a ton of those, too, and lots of "How did we get so lucky?" conversations for me and Shawn. How did we get so lucky???


Aly said...

She gets more beautiful by the minute Jill!

Hopefully the upswing in her weight will continue and breastfeeding will continue to improve as well. I remember thinking how easy breastfeeding would be, before Jack was born. It's amazing how hard it can be, even though it is such a natural thing. I really respect the amount of focus it takes. Hang in there & give it time! You have an awesome support team around you.

And just think of how much you have done in 7 days!!! It has really been an amazing week!


Andy said...

I still giggle when I think of someone's job title really being "lactation consultant."

It conjures images of a matronly woman hovering over an excel spreadsheet, charting productivity and marketplace opportunities. Who knew the teet was so complex a plumbing fixture so as to require it's own consultant?

Those pictures are just amazing. I wish we could be closer to you guys right now, but we will be soon enough. I thought often of what this first weekend home must be like for you as I climbed a ladder and painted thin, uneven window slats.

I'll take the painting if it means sleeping through the night! Although Jack is a little under the weather still, and honked on a bedroom rug tonight, just to remind us of who is really in charge! Vilot will certainly do that often. (Not the honking, I hope, just the reminding!)

Sally said...

The newborn days are such a mixture of emotions between enjoying the magic and wonder of it all and wondering if you have what it takes to really care for this little human. All of these emotions are totally normal and continue for me to this day. Parenting is the greatest gift one can receive but it is also the hardest job in the universe. It sounds like you have the right supports in place. Be sure to reach out to the people who can rejoice in the miracle moments with you and help you through the challenging times. And if there were a test out there to determine who would make a fantastic mother, Jill Pierce would have aced it! We love you and can't wait to see little Violet again.

jeff said...

I'm just so jealous that I will never be able to breast-feed someone. I guess I'll have to settle for taking my newborn out for skyline chili.

jeff said...

I just think it's fantastic that you can feed someone. You're like a human grocery store. I guess I'll have to settle for taking any little ones that I have to Skyline for a 5 way.

Babs said...

When I see you with your little girl, the memories and emotions are so strong that I am nearly overwhelmed. You are wonderful parents, which is no surprise. In the time that you and Shawn have been a couple, you've demonstrated a strong respect, joy, and passion for one another that grows deeper and wider as your lives have expanded to enfold the life of this precious wee little girl.
Lucky for Violet, you have the right stuff.
Your mark on the world will come from this enduring love for each other and which you now share with her. You make it a better place with this sweet gift. The rest reveals itself as each minute, each hour, each day, each year unfolds.